Marijuana In D.C. Leading The Way

Cannabis Delivery D.C. a Tourist Attraction

 People head to Washington D. C. for a bunch of reasons. You have all the historical monuments, the museums, government buildings. The place is steeped in history and power and that classic American feeling of freedom you just can’t deny. Thanks to Initiative 71 back in 2014, people in the area can use marijuana legally. Not just people who live there, but all the millions of people who travel to the city every year.

 I was one of them. It’s not like you can just stroll into a shop and buy marijuana, however. But it’s not about sneaking off to find a dealer and hoping you don’t get in trouble anymore, either.

 The best thing about visiting our nation’s capital is how convenient it was to get my favorite strain of cannabis to relax with after a long day of touring museums and checking out the rich history in D.C.  DC Danks cannabis delivery D.C. had me covered completely.


Marijuana D.C. Convenience

My sister works for a law firm in the city, so I used her address to get the delivery of my bud and munchies. Of course, you need to give the D.C. address to the person bringing you the product, but the address can even be a hotel or place where you are staying if you are just visiting the city.  The process was really easy, though. All I needed to do was snap a selfie with my legal ID proving my age, give my location, and organize the gift in exchange for services.

 As great as it is that I can get a vast assortment of different marijuana related products delivered directly to me, I think it was the company itself that really made the difference. They have a great selection of products you can see right on their websites, which makes shopping easy, I appreciated the descriptions of different strains, dankwoods, and edibles.  Also, my sister had used their company before and she said they have the highest quality weed and real professional customer service.  Hey, why not try something new when you’re on vacation, right? How easy it was to choose what I wanted and receive the delivery from DC Danks.  It seriously makes me consider moving next door to my sister. But no, I had to head back to New Jersey where they’re not so open minded and forward thinking as D.C., at least not yet.


Washington D.C. Marijuana Industry Leading the Way

Sure, other states have completely legalized recreational marijuana now, but the idea that the capital city of the USA allows people to enjoy marijuana is truly inspiring. For people who understand all the benefits of cannabis, or who just enjoy how it helps their lives, whether its stress or pain relief or just fun, seeing the decriminalization is simply awesome.

 With companies like DC Danks leading the way and offering cannabis delivery in D.C. it really feels like the world is making progress. When I came to the city to enjoy the best of America of the past and present, I was definitely happy to see that marijuana could be a part of it. Thanks DC Danks!

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