Forget Cherry Blossoms, New Kind of Flowers Fuel Tourism in Washington D.C.

Forget Cherry Blossoms – Different Flowers Fuel Washington DC Tourism

 No doubt exists that Washington D.C. has a lot of tourist attractions. Over 22.8 million people visited the nation’s capital in 2018 alone. For the most part, they come to see the government buildings, the famous monuments, and visit the amazing museums. In the springtime, the beautiful cherry blossoms draw crowds of over 1.5 million people.

 It’s a different type of flower that now fuels part of the city’s tourism industry. Instead of politics, history, and the arrival of spring, marijuana D.C. availability draws people from all corners of the country and around the world who want to experience something new in the capital of the USA.

 Weed Delivery D.C. Lets Tourists Enjoy

 In Washington D.C., delivering marijuana to residents and visitors alike is completely legal as long as the person is 21 or over, has a valid ID, and has an address to deliver to. This could be anything from a private residence to a hotel room, although, of course, hotels can still have their own rules about not smoking. Edibles are always a great option. Instead of buying it directly, Initiative 71 allows trading “gifts” of marijuana for monetary donations.

 Weed delivery in D.C. still has its drawbacks when it comes to tourists looking for a great place to enjoy their favorite strains. It is not like Amsterdam where you can smoke in public, enjoy a brownie at a café, or anything like that. Plenty of rules still exist, but people involved in pot tourism find ways to make visitors still feel welcome.

 A Weed-based Tourism Industry Thrives

 The relatively unregulated world of AirBnB’s and similar peer room renting services have taken over where hotels dare not tread yet. If you want to spend your days strolling through the Smithsonian museums, snapping selfies by the reflecting pool, or trying to catch a glimpse of the POTUS on the White House tour, by all means enjoy yourself and make amazing memories. If you also want to kick back with a pre-roll, vape, or THC gummy in the evening, you now have that option.

 How do these room rentals work? Anyone who has ever used AirBnB knows how you can use your phone to pick a spot to stay and arrange it with a few swipes on the screen. When you get to the capital city, you can call for weed delivery D.C. style or head to the website to arrange your donation and gift.

 Savvy property owners who are 4/20 friendly themselves allow smoking on the premises, may offer free gifts of their own, and will provide information for all the local marijuana festivals and events that take place on a regular basis.

 The world of marijuana in D.C. has augmented the booming tourism industry from educational school trips and families who want to experience the nation’s capital to a new wealth of travelers who prefer a different type of horticultural experience than the cherry blossoms in the spring. With legal weed delivery, D.C. joins the list of destinations to try.

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