DC Danks Delivery Service is Leading the Way for Safety, Peace, and Comfort in an Uncertain World

When we started 2020, the world was full of hope and promise; for about a day and a half. Then, all this weird stuff happened and now, we’re all stuck in our homes. The world is in a panic and within a matter of a few weeks, we were all cut off from all of our social outlets-the most basic of which is our right to shop where and when we want. 


Of course, it is all for safety and security. Here at DC Danks understand that but that doesn’t change the fact that this world went from mundane to uncertain literally overnight. Fortunately, DC Danks is still operational. DC Danks makes marijuana delivery easy anywhere within the District of Columbia. Our service can deliver the highest quality of products, with a cornucopia of choices, to your door today!

Quality Product

DC Danks is dedicated to providing quality products and assurance, by closely following strict safety practices. We are Initiative 71 Compliant and require all the necessary paperwork to be in order for a transaction to take place. Here are the requirements, for your safety and wellbeing, as well as our own:


  • You must be 21+

  • You must have a valid identification card

  • You must be able and willing to provide a selfie and a picture of your identification


At DC Danks, we pride ourselves on our marijuana product and strive to offer the very best, right to your door. We are a dedicated team of marijuana enthusiasts. We love our products and we take our job as providers and deliverers of marijuana products seriously. Plus, we are knowledgeable and excited to share new products, as well as staple products that we are sure you will enjoy. 

Cornucopia of Choices


Our clients have become accustomed to having a cornucopia of choices when it comes to enjoying their marijuana and vaping products. Currently, DC Danks has these new tasty edibles, in addition to our top-tier marijuana:  


  • Sweet’NLoud Brownies

  • Sweet’NLoud Froot Loops Treat

  • Sweet’NLoud Krispy Treats

  • Sour Green Apples

  • Neon Worms


Additionally, for DC Danks patrons who prefer Flowers, we have this beautiful assortment available:


  • Watermelon Gelato

  • White Widow OG

  • Forbidden Fruit

Delivering the Future To Your Door Today

Even before the world was forced into isolation, DC Danks Delivery Service was a strong proprietor of customer service, reliability, and punctuality. Regardless of the product, you deserve quality customer care and DC Danks is at your service with safety, security, and reliability that is unmatched. 


To schedule a delivery, give DC Danks a call to set up an order with one of our friendly, informative staff members. 


There are some things that we just cannot give up. We can ration the toilet paper, the cleaning supplies, and even working hours. However, the product that DC Danks delivers is more than comfort, it is security, peace, and sanity, in a world that has otherwise gone crazy. 

Contact DC Danks today to get your delivery safely and securely, anywhere within the DC area.

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