DC Danks Offers High-Quality Safety-First Service and New Products to Enjoy While Quarantined

The world is now about a month into mandated quarantine and the life we had before COVID-19 seems increasingly distant. So much has changed in such a short time and DC Danks understands that these uncertain times are daunting. 


That, along with their unwavering dedication to their customers is the fuel that keeps DC Danks delivering to the DC area. They want to do everything they can to help their customers feel as safe, secure, and comfortable as possible during this trying time. 

Safety First 

The safety and security of DC Danks’ District of Columbia clients, as well as the surrounding areas. DC Danks takes the delivery of marijuana seriously, as they respect your home and your privacy. 


Although DC Danks was considered the Most Popular D.C. Marijuana Delivery Company before the quarantine, they are going above and beyond, continuing to maintain that title during the quarantine. DC Danks Delivery Service is continuing to bring quality marijuana right to your door quickly and affordably. However, they are also doing everything in their power to maintain a safe and secure system of transportation and delivery.


From the flowers to the packaging and right up to the delivery at your door, DC Danks guarantees high-quality weed, with safety and discretion.

New Products 

Times are hard, which is why, in addition to providing reliable, safe, and quality service, DC Danks also wanted to brighten their customer’s outlook.  Therefore, they released new edible products, to make your time in quarantine a little less mundane. Here are all the new products that DC Danks has ready for delivery:


  • Gummy Air:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow


  • Runtz Chewy Cubes Jokes Up
  • Nerds Rope
  • Stoner Patch
  • Supremo Slappers
  • Sour Green Apples
  • Neon Worms


DC Danks continues to persevere, to offer on-time, discreet deliveries, with a few positive surprises along the way. This way, DC Danks Delivery Service can do their part to help out the DC area and help maintain at least a sliver of normalcy to their community. 


To order from DC Danks Delivery Service, you must be at least twenty-one-years-old and have a valid ID. Additionally, DC Danks can only deliver to addresses that are in the District of Columbia.


To conclude, DC Danks Delivery Service takes its responsibility to its clients incredibly seriously. It doesn’t matter whether everyone is under quarantine or not, DC Danks is dedicated to serving and producing for the District of Columbia customers. They know how important it is, especially now, to have the correct, high-quality dose you need. Nothing is going to stop them from getting it to you.


Contact DC Danks today and get your marijuana delivery directly to you, anywhere within the DC area.  

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