DC DANKS is proud to have sourced and delivered quality cannabis and cannabis related products to the Washington D.C. area since 2014. From our inception, DC DANKS has been at the forefront of marijuana legalization in DC, offering the finest, lab-tested products on the market. And although we are a marijuana delivery service, we remain committed to our founding principle: We are not just a cannabis delivery service. We are a movement dedicated to cannabis education, normalization and safe access.  

Our commitment to the Cannabis Movement in Washington Dc

Safe access: We are devoted to sourcing the very best quality, lab-tested strains, free of mold and pesticides. We constantly search out cannabis grown with respect for farmers, growing conditions and the land. Our non-stop mission is to find cannabis grown with INTEGRITY and deliver it to our customers.

Education and Normalization: Our core commitment is to change the hearts and minds of those who do not believe that cannabis is beneficial to those who use it. We continue to be extremely active in the cannabis legalization and normalization movement, lobbying for change and understanding in regards to the medicinal and health related benefits of cannabis and cannabis related products.  As we expand as a company, our dedication to these founding principles has only deepened. We continue to fight for the day when marijuana will no longer be treated as a dangerous drug but a safe plant with amazing healing properties.

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